Over the last 40 years, the Inland Press Foundation has played a prominent and active role in organizing and funding programs to provide research and educational services to the American newspaper industry.


These programs focused on newspaper-related topics such as business development, news, human resources, circulation, sales and marketing.


The corporation’s mission is to:


  • Support the role of newspapers in providing vital news of their communities;


  • Support the interests of newspapers in public policies and laws affecting newspapers, including those relating to freedom of information, open meetings and open records;


  • Promote programming, education and training in best practices for all newspapers, especially independent and family-owned newspapers;


  • Support the development and nurturing of minority journalists and the advancement of women in the newspaper profession;


  • And to support innovation and development to sustain successful newspaper business models.


Beginning in October 2019, the Foundation entered into a grant agreement with America's Newspapers to support these objectives.