The Inland Press Foundation has approved an increase in funding to America’s Newspapers to help sustain the association’s advertising research.

The increase was approved at the foundation’s annual meeting, held recently in Colorado Springs. The foundation increased its grant support by $18,000 to America’s Newspapers for the advertiser research. Inland already has a grant agreement in place with America’s Newspapers to help fund specific projects and this increase is in addition to that existing commitment.

America’s Newspapers CEO, Dean Ridings, thanked the foundation for its support.

We are truly grateful to the Inland Foundation for this powerful demonstration of support, Ridings said. “Our members have been very responsive to the new advertising research we’ve provided in 2021. With this increase in funding from the Inland foundation, we can not only continue this research, but can expand the scope so our members have even more tools to help them in 2022.”

Inland President Marcus Wilson added, “The Inland foundation is pleased to support the critical work being conducted by America’s Newspapers.” Wilson, chairman emeritus of, added, “We hope AN’s research will further enhance the power of newspaper advertising.”

Tom Slaughter, executive director of the foundation, said, “The Inland Press Foundation has a long history of supporting research benefitting the newspaper industry and this grant is a testimony to that commitment. The board was unanimous in providing this additional funding to America’s Newspapers.”

The Inland Press Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit incorporated in Illinois. Over the last 40 years, the foundation has played a prominent and active role in organizing and funding programs to provide research and educational services to the American newspaper industry, with a special focus on independent and family-owned newspapers.

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